Guangdong Imported Automobiles, Price Up & QTY Down, in Aug 2017


According to Guangdong Customs statistics, in January-August 2017, Guangdong Province imported 4,298 automobiles, up 21.9% year-on-year (YOY); worth RMB 1.4 billion yuan, up 56.2% YOY; average import price at 326,000 yuan per auto, up 28.1% YOY.

In August alone, Guangdong imported 582 autos, down 7.2% YOY; worth 170 million yuan, up 35.4% YOY; average price at 288,000 yuan per auto, up 45.9% YOY.

The Import Characteristics in August:

Trade modes: Guangdong imported 581 autos by ordinary trade, down 7.2% YOY, accounting for 99.8% of the total; imported only one auto by processing trade, even YOY.

Import sources: Guangdong imported 436 autos from Japan, up 19.8% YOY, accounting for 74.9%; imported 81 autos from the EU, a surge of 4.8 times; 65 autos from the USA, up 75.7% YOY; none from South Korea or Thailand this August, but 210 autos last August.

Product types: Guangdong imported 277 small passenger cars, a decrease of 12.3% YOY, accounting for 47.6%; imported 276 four-wheel-drive light-off-road vehicles, down 7.7% YOY, accounting for 47.4%; imported 21 sedans, twice last August.

Source: China Customs
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