Guangdong’s Medical Devices Import Up in Quarter 1, 2017


According to China Customs statistics, in the first quarter of 2017, Guangdong Province imported medical devices totaling 1.31 billion China yuan, up 10.1% year-on-year (YOY).

Characteristics of Guangdong import of medical devices in the first quarter:

(1) Ordinary trade was the main mode, accounting for nearly 90%. In the first quarter, the import by ordinary trade reached 1.17 billion yuan, up 11.5% YOY, accounting for 89.6% of the total import; the import by processing trade reached 87.09 million yuan, up 15.4% YOY; the import by Customs special control reached 43.62 million yuan, down 26.2% YOY.

(2) March import value grew YOY and month-on-month (MOM). In March alone, the import of medical devices reached 550 million yuan, up 9.1% YOY and up 45.1% MOM. (See the chart below.)

(3) Private enterprises made nearly half of the import, state-owned enterprises import increased over 20%. In the first quarter, private enterprises-imported medical devices totaled 630 million yuan, up 0.4% YOY, accounting for 48%. Meanwhile, state-owned enterprises imported 390 million yuan worth, up 26.4% YOY, accounting for 29.7%; foreign-invested enterprises imported 290 million yuan worth, up 14.2% YOY.

(4) Mainly imported from EU and USA. In the first quarter, the import from EU reached 600 million yuan, down 0.4% YOY; import from USA reached 390 million yuan, up 25% YOY; the two sources accounted for 76.4% of the total import.

(5) The most imported was color ultrasonic diagnostic apparatuses. In the first quarter, imported color ultrasonic diagnostic apparatuses totaled 290 million yuan, up 0.5% YOY, accounting for 22.4% of the total import; imported X-ray apparatuses totaled 160 million yuan, down 5.9% YOY; medical, surgical or veterinary instruments totaled 120 million yuan, up 1% YOY; and others for medical use were valued less than 100 million yuan.
Source: ETCN