Rubber Imports to Shandong Province in August 2017


According to Qingdao Customs statistics, this August, Shandong Province imported rubbers (including natural rubbers and composite rubbers) totaling 97,000 tons, a 1.1% increase year-on-year (YOY); worth RMB 1.03 billion yuan, up 20.1% YOY; average import price at 11,000 yuan per ton, up 18.7% YOY.

From January to August, the rubber imports totaled 1,066,000 tons, up 33.4% YOY; worth 13.87 billion yuan, up 1.1 times YOY; average price at 13,000 yuan per ton, up 59.2% YOY.

In August, Shandong imported 44,000 tons of rubbers by processing trade mode, an increase of 10.1% YOY, accounting for 45.1% of the total import; imported 41,000 tons under Customs special control, down 24.5% YOY, accounting for 42.3%.

In August, the rubber imports from ASEAN reached 96,000 tons, up 1% YOY, accounting for 99.4%, therein 69,000 tons from Thailand, down 8.1% YOY; 14,000 tons from Malaysia, up 4.1% YOY; 12,000 tons from Indonesia, 1.8 times YOY.

Considerations of Rubber Imports:

High stock and low demand weakened enterprise will to import rubbers. Since the end of 2016, domestic rubber enterprises have stockpiled massive rubbers, Qingdao Free Trade Zone-stocked natural rubbers increasing to more than 200,000 tons during May-June; regarding the demand, automobile and tire sales have both fallen into slack season in China.

Source: China Customs
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