Karaoke Service Finland Ltd
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    Karaoke Service Finland Ltd - a young company full of enthusiasm Karaoke Service Finland Ltd started officially in January 2004. Even though the business is young, our personnel have a long-term knowledge of karaoke. We have hands on experience of karaoke since early 90's, when karaoke came into Finland. The ideas that have grown ever since, we are now able to realize under the colours of our new company. KSF Karaoke Store offers karaoke for both home users and professionals Karaoke Service Finland Ltd is a company that does its best to ensure a growing domestic and international market for karaoke. KSF Karaoke Store in Helsinki and in Internet offers karaoke discs and equipment for home and professional users both directly and through retailers. We are taking advantage of every bit of our experience in order to look for new products to satisfy our customers' needs. Service is what counts We always react to our customers' needs as soon as possible, sometimes even outside the normal office hours. We will gladly be of assistance regarding any development projects around karaoke and in the daily matters. We also maintain and service our customers' equipment effectively and quickly. Our service number is available for calling 24 hours a day. Key to success is to concentrate on the best products Karaoke is business that can be practised in many ways. Karaoke Service Finland Ltd wants to give everyone a chance to live magical moments with karaoke. Due to this policy we always try to find and advertise the best quality products available in the market. Quality is the most important thing for us, but we also remember to keep a wide selection of products in our stock and maintain our prices at a competent level. Event production is also a significant part of our business KSF Karaoke Store is able to provide a most versatile selection of discs for professional event productions. We also produce bigger events and for example provide sound reproduction and karaoke software for Karaoke World Championships that are held annually in Heinola, Finland. On the side of the bigger events, we also arrange conventional karaoke nights and rent out equipment on demand
Base Info
Company Name (Chinese):
Enterprise Type:Other
Total Employees:5-10 People
Year Established:
Company Name (English):Karaoke Service Finland Ltd
Annual Sales:US$1 Million-US$2.5 Million
TargetMarket:Western Europe
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Karaoke Service Finland Ltd
Company Address: Sturenkatu 47
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