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    UPS AMC and Rental services Provider comapny - 

Power cuts keeping you dark again? 
Get Check-up of UPS today! whenever some one Search for UPS Services,  Maintenance & Repair - UPS AMC and Rental services Provider company results found in north India Alternative Searches.

UPS AMC and Rental services Provider company 
- AMC For UPS, Renting of UPS And Batteries offered for Power back-up, 
service teams are proficient at repairing most UPS systems available in the market.

UPS AMC and Rental services Provider company - company known for its quality services and timelines. We provide our clients AMCs For APC UPS Systems, EmersonUPS Systems, at best market prices and as per their specifications,  It is advisable to take up a comprehensive and cost effective service agreement with an AMC provider for the lifelong regular functioning of UPS. 

UPS AMC and Rental services Provider company - company have a teamed of well trained engineers spread over central- north india like - rajasthan, Himachal, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana and Delhi who have many years of experience in the UPS and power conditioning industry and up to date about the latest UPS technology through regular trainings.

We offer the entire stable of ONLINE UPS products AMC/Genral Repaire/Rental - 
  • 1KVA / 2KVA / 3KVA Online (Double Conversion) : small businesses
  • 6KVA / 10KVA / 20KVA Online : medium sized operations
  • 25KVA/ 40KVA/ 60KVA/ 150KVA Online (3phase): large applications
  • 200KVA/300KVA/400KVA/500KVA Online (3phase): Industrial Backup

contact us when you need AMC,repairing or Rental service : 9891882432
Base Info
Company Name (Chinese):AMC & Rental services Provider...
Enterprise Type:Distributor/Wholesaler
Total Employees:25
Year Established:2011
Company Name (English):AMC & Rental services Provider...
Annual Sales:15,00,000
TargetMarket:North America,Western Europe,Easter...
Honor:9AM to 6PM
Contact Info:
AMC & Rental services Provider comapny
Company Address: UPS AMC Services Provider House, North Delhi - 110084
Zip: 110084
Contact Person: Ram K Gupta
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