WooWits Co., Ltd
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     A professional supplier of high-quality cellphone accessories, including stands&holders, mobile phone cases, and other mobile device related accessories.

WooWits Co., Ltd has been providing quality products and service to our customers since Nov 2011. The company is based in Shenzhen, China. Several years past, WooWits has become a steady partner and supplier of many domestic trade companies. We are speeding up the global strategy, aim to benefit more and more customers by our professional supplying.

WooWits is committed to providing high quality products and quick, professional and courteous service to customers. Due to our meticulousness, we have maintained a repair rate of 0.01 percent for the past four years, and have never had one product returned. Moreover, we provide 1-year warranty as an added assurance.

Besides high quality, stay with WooWits you can:
** Receive an e-mail about new items and/or price-off promotion every week
** Enjoy price after different discount as per different quantity of your order
** Get quick response. Receive a reply to your question within one hour after we receive your email
** Enjoy quality control of your order before shipment
** Enjoy on-time tailed delivery & shipping tracking service
** Enjoy quality guarantee within one year

Quality and innovation are the company's life. We are the source. We have our special advantages to offer featured styles at competitive prices with good quality. Our activities are based on mutual trust and flexible cooperation with our customers at every stage of the work. We stand 100 percent behind the quality of our products. 

WooWits doesn't aim to be the largest enterprise on the market. We are proud we've been doing ours with the best manner. Better every day. 
Send your inquiry to us today, and you will find we are the one you can trust. 
Welcome to visit us any time at your convenience.
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Enterprise Type:Manufacturer
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Company Name (English):WooWits Co., Ltd
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TargetMarket:North America,Western Europe,Easter...
Honor:WooWits Co., Ltd
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WooWits Co., Ltd
Company Address: F1 East, KuanGu Building, Dalang Fashion Creative Park
Zip: 518000
Contact Person: Tina Chan
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