General Administration of Customs Implements Country Tariff Quota on Wool and Wo

[2009-02-21 14:46:18]

According to Free Trade Agreement Between The Government of the People's Republic of China And The Government of New Zealand ( hereinafter referred to as Agreement). China implements country tariff quota management on wool and wool top originated from New Zealand under this Agreement. The issues of announcement are as follows:

(1)Since January 1, 2009, China takes conventional tariff on wool and wool top originated from New Zealand within county tariff quota according to the Agreement

(2)The import entities should make a declaration to customs when import wood and wood top from New Zealand under conventional tariff, and should submit certificate of origin as well as Tariff Quota Certificate of Import Farm Product signed with "New Zealand wool and wool top country quota" in accordance with Measures for the customs of the People's Republic of China on Management of Origin of Import Goods. After the audited by customs, Products submitted with 2 kinds of documents above and meeting the requirement of No.175 decree of General Administration of Customs, are applicable to conventional tariff.

(3)The import entities shall fill the declaration form according to the regulation of customs.

(4) One customs declaration corresponding with one country tariff quota certificate, and the commodity in the customs declaration must be the one in the country tariff quota certificate

(5) The customs shall levy tariffs according to extra most-favored –nation rate on New Zealand goods after auditing, if the import entities only offers country tariff quota certificate or preferential origin document.

(6) Customs supervise wool and wool top, originated from New Zealand under global tariff quota management, according to the present regulation

(7) This announcement shall take effect on January 1, 2009
Source: General Administration of Customs