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Data sourced from China Customs and other government entities; Monthly update100 million records of information for importers and exporters.



ETCN has years of experience and knowledge in gathering, analyzing and managing demand from a hosting of users in different industries.



The types of data include the value, quantity, unit, company code, company name, place of receipt/dispatch, country of origin or destination, customs port, trade mode, transport mode, transit country, contact info and so on.

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Popular Types of Reports
1Consumption Area Statistics By Commodity
2Commodity Statistics by Import Country
3China Top Importers for Specific
Commodity by Value
4Statistics for Specific Commodity by
5Top10 Importers for Specific Commodity
and Origin Country
6Commodity Statistics for Specific
Transport Mode
Other Cooperation Mode
1. DTS-Data-Driven tradedecision support system
Commodity Data, Country Data, Company Data, Custom Query Report, SubAccount Settings, and so on.
2. API Data Transfer
You can at will select HS Code, tariff, supervision and other information segments from ETCN database for your use.
You can integrate the desired data as underlying database into you own website, system or management software.
3. Iframe Page Embedding
only bu adding a code segment to your website, you can invoke entire ETCN in quiry system.
By embedding it into your website, you can offer value-added services for your members and clients.
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1. Q: After payment, when can the data be delivered?
A: For the data already released by the Customs, ETCN can deliver within 1-2 workdays. In general, China Customs releases the statistics data of a natural month within the last 10 days of the following month, ETCN will deliver the data at the same time as official release by China Customs.
2. Q: How can ETCN ensure data accuracy?
A: ETCN is authorized by China Customs to deliver the statistics data directly from the Customs, thus ensuring consistency with official statistics. ETCN can provide precise information of export/import dealings based on each HS Code.
3. Q: How many digits of HS Codes does ETCN provide for the Customs statistics?
A: Considering that 10-digit HS Codes are applied only in Customs declaration, ETCN offers up to 8-digit HS Codes for data retrieval and inquiry. In general, the client can retrieve and inquire data by 2-digit, 4-digit, 6-digit and 8-digit.
4. Q: Where can I find the HS Codes of imports and exports?
A: You can visit the webpage and then retrieve HS Codes by entering the keyword for your goods.
5. Q: How does China Customs make statistics for commodity quantity and value?
A: In general, the statistics adopt net weight and USD amount, with CIF value applied to import and FOB value to export.
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Skype & Email:      Tel.: (+86)(0)10 64729034