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Professional Member

Professional Membership can enjoy extra customized services for enterprises which already have their business in China.

Professional Members, besides using all functions of ETCN's CIS (Standard Members rights), can also get multiple value-added services such as:

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Member Type:   Professional Member
Service Type: Web-based Inquiry
1 Account plus 5 Sub-account offered for using CIS web system
Full Access to China Buyer Channel

Located in the Export to China Guide channel and helping you better understand your products’ market situation and trend in China, and find their buyers activity report in China via our website easily.

Data Consulting Services based on China 8-digit HS Codes

Providing commodity transaction reports monthly, covering such information in China and worldwide as commodity profile flow, distribution of customers, pricing status/tendency, changes in demand for commodity quality/grades, and market forecast by analyzing potential demands.

Offer an 191*115 pixels Advertising Space on major popular pages of our Web site.