China Trade
Statistic Data
China Trade Data

Customization Services for detailed data and report

  • China 6/8-digit HS code monthly statistics data
  • Over 20 Data Dimensions like Commodity, Company, Country/Region, Quantity, value, Transport Means, China Port etc
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Trade Value Inquiry
  • Totaling 15,749,586 pieces of import and export value data;
  • In three dimensions of commodity, country and region;
  • Nine sets of inquiry combination, giving insight into data significance;
USD 399/ Year
China Importers & Exporters
  • 400,000+ sources from real transaction records of recent 3 years
  • Profiles and activity reports of their trading
  • Inquiry by commodity and by country of origin/destination
USD 199/ Year
Customs Tariffs
and Restrictions
CIS System

Preferential Treatment Inquiry & Landed Cost Calculation

China Customs Import Supervision Conditions

  • Required documents, certificates, and licenses
  • Import inspection & quarantine category
  • CCC requirements (Compulsory Certific-ation catalog)
  • Anti-dumping/anti-subsidy measures
  • China export tax rebate
USD 299/ Year
HS Code & Tariff

HS Code Classification

  • Product's HS Code applied in China
  • HS code Structure

Tariffs (MFN,GEN,FTA,Consumption Tax)

API & Iframe

ETCN customization is provided with more flexible modes of cooperation

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