2018 China-Korea Trade Forum

With the newly happened China-USA trade war, China-Korea trade may rise. In order to promote China-Korea trade facilitation and bilateral cooperation, the “2018 China-Korea Trade Forum” will be held in the city of Weihai, Shandong Province, China from 22th-23rd, Nov,2018 jointly by China Customs Brokers Association (CCBA), China Association of Port-of-Entry (CAOP), China Free Trade Zone and Export Processing Zone Association (CFEA), and Beijing International Technology Cooperation Center (BITCC).

With the theme of “China-Korea Trade Facilitation”, this Forum will discuss new highlights in bilateral trade cooperation. During the event, conferences will be attended by representatives from Chinese and Korean governments, Customs, chambers of commerce, industrial associations, enterprises, academic circles, etc., and moreover business dialogues and banquets will be enjoyed between the excellent China-Korea trading or e-commerce enterprises in face–to-face manner. So this Forum will surely help you know well and facilitate smooth export into China market.

1.  Time:

Registration: 21st,Nov,2018

Forum: 22nd-23rd,Nov,2018

2.  Address:

Yingbin Hall, No. 3 Building of Dongshan Hotel, Weihai City, Shandong Province, China

3.  Organizers:

Supporters: Port Administration of Shandong Province, Korean Embassy in China, Korea Customs Brokers Association, the People’s Government of Weihai City;

Sponsors: China Customs Brokers Association(CCBA), China Association of Port-of-Entry(CAOP), China Free Trade Zone and Export Processing Zone Association(CEEA), Beijing International Technology Cooperation Center(BITCC);

Partners: Korea’s Ministry for Small and Medium Enterprises, Korea International Trade Association;

Undertakers: ETCN, Shandong Customs Brokers Association;

Co-organizers: China Association of Trade in Services, Korea’s Free Trade Tariff Office, Weihai Municipal Bureau of Commerce

Cooperators: China-Asia Economic Development Association, Alibaba Group Tmall Global

4.  Agenda:

5.  Attending Method

Hilly: yanli@e-to-china.com


Nessa: chunyanyuan@e-to-china.com


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