Business Consultancy FAQ

B2B Trade Platform:

1. Do you sell electric starter switch for suzuki gy 150cc?

Answer: We are not manufacturer of such products but a customs info consulting company also a B2B platform. If you want to buy electric starter switch, you can login our trade site ( to search the manufacturers' info for an inquiry.

Customs Data Customized:

1.I would like to obtain some data relating to Chinese exporters to a particular Japanese company. Is this something your firm could help me get the Japanese importers data?

Answer: Sorry, we can only provide Chinese companies’ (importers and exporters) trade data rather than other counterparts’ (foreign companies) data. If you still want to know data about Chinese exporters and importers, you can contact us at


Import tariffs/Taxes

1. What about the import tariffs/taxes on 84561000 to China from Malaysia?

Answer: According to the import tariffs/taxes inquiry, Malaysia enjoys the MFN rates. We recommend you to use our inquiry tool "Tariffs & Duties".

2. What about tariffs on Zambian exports to China?

Answer: The tariffs are subject to specific HS Codes. We recommend you to use our inquiry tool "HS Classification".

Import Restrictions and Operations

1. What about the regulations on imports of vitamins and nourishments?

Answer: Such imports are required to apply to the State Food and Drug Administration for approval and go through commodity inspections. For detailed operations, please consult with import agents.

2. What about the tariffs/taxes and regulations on second-hand automobiles imported from the U.K. to China?

Answer: First of all, they depend on the purpose of imported second-hand automobiles, personal use or sale. Those for sale are banned from imports.

3. Do you know which countries specifically are allowed to export chicken feet into China? What is the law that defines this?

Answer: Chicken feet only originated from those five countries (France, America, Brazil, Chile and Argentina) can be exported to China. For much detailed infos about this issue stipulated by China AQSIQ, please click this link:

Commodity Inspection

1. What to do if some Hong Kong companies provide false CIQ certificates/documents?

Answer: Sorry, the question is beyond the scope of our services. Please consult relevant authorities in Hong Kong.

List of Most Favored Nations, Trade Agreements, Preferential Tariffs

1. Do Indonesia and Taiwan region belong to MFNs? What about the import tariffs on them?

Answer: As to preferential tariffs, we recommend you to use our chargeable tool "HS Classification" and "Tariffs & Duties" to make inquiry. You can buy it now click here.

2. Are MFN tariff rates applicable to both exports and imports? Are they the same?

Answer: MFN tariff rates apply only to import tariffs (for imports to China). Most of exports from China are free from tariffs by China Customs. As to the enjoyment of MFN rates, please contact customs authorities of importing countries/regions.



1. I'll buy commodities from Beijing, but the seller asks me to pay tariffs before it makes shipments. What to do?

Answer: As to the majority of exports from China, China Customs levy no tariffs. You'd better consult with the seller. This question is beyond ETCN service. We recommend you to click the link below to consult the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of China: click the link here

Export Procedures

1. What about the export procedures for African grey parrots?

Answer: You need to go through quarantine procedures with local commodity inspection bureaus, and comply with the provisions of the importing countries/regions. For specific procedures, please consult your local commodity inspection bureaus.

2. What about the regulations on exporting vitamins and other tonics to the U.S.?

Answer: You need to obtain the inspection certificates issued by the State Food and Drug Administration and any certificates required by the importing countries/regions. For specific procedures, please consult your local food & drug administrations and commodity inspection bureaus.

Investigation Reports

Enterprise Credit Investigation

1. Is Zhejiang Shangyang Trade Co., Ltd. a legitimate company? Does it sell qualified products?

Answer: The company has registered with China Customs authorities under the enterprise classification B. However, we have no information about its products.

2. Can I inquire over this site whether a company is formally registered?

Answer: You can inquire over our website for import/export companies registered with China Customs.

Policies and Laws


1. I bought floorings to be delivered by another trading company, how to conduct drawback?

Answer: Export enterprises should apply, by submitting relevant documents, to tax bureaus for export drawbacks.


1. A foreign-invested enterprise's branch in China buys products in the name of the foreign-invested enterprise, which makes sales in China. Can the branch collect value-added taxes from the controlling company?

Answer: We need more information to check for you, such as the reason to collect VAT and the financial relationship between the two companies.


1. I opened an account with a Hong Kong bank and need a Chinese mainland's L/C for the Middle East. Can I choose European banks instead of Iranian banks? Any recommendation?

Answer: You may choose a European bank as long as the beneficiary and its banks permit. For details, please consult relevant banks.

Bonded Areas

1. Are value-added taxes/tariffs required for goods sold from the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone to Songjiang Export Processing Zone? Do enterprises within the bonded areas need to register in China?

Answer: We have consulted the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone that you do not need to pay taxes/tariffs or register.


1. How to write off outward processing?

Answer: In the event that enterprises conduct outward processing, if the processed goods are reshipped into the country, enterprises need to offset the write-off with import declaration forms, and the total transaction price of the imports declaration forms should be greater than that of the exports declaration forms (total transaction price of the imports declaration form = total transaction price of the exports declaration form + paid-in processing fees to the counterpart). Apart from ordinary export verification/cancel materials, enterprises also need to submit import declaration forms.