Dumping / anti-dumping

GACC Announcement No.41, 2016 on (Acrylic Fiber HS Codes under Anti-Dumping)
GACC Announcement No.24, 2016 on (AD Deposit on Acrylic Fibers from Japan, South Korea & Turkey)
GACC Announcement No.58, 2015 (on Interim AD on Unbleached Sack Paper from USA, EU & Japan)
GACC Announcement No.44 of 2015 on (Epichlorohydrin AD on USA Companies)
GACC Announcement No.43, 2015 on (Anti-Subsidy on USA White Broilers at Expiry Review)
GACC Announcement No.39, 2015 on (AD on Optical Fiber Preforms from Japan & USA)
GACC Announcement No.38, 2015 on (AD Expiry Review on PTAs from South Korea & Thailand)
GACC Announcement No.36, 2015 (on Provisional AD on Methyl Methacrylate from Singapore, Thailand and Japan)
GACC Announcement No.30, 2015 (on AD on Carbon-Steel Fasteners from EU during AD Expiry Review)
GACC Announcement No.19, 2015 (on AD Duty on Polyamide-6 Granula from USA, EU, Russia & Taiwan)
MOFCOM Announcement No.11, 2015 (on Ending Antidumping/Anti-subsidy on Oriented Electrical Steels from USA & Russia)
MOFCOM Announcement No.8, 2015 (on Prolonging AD Probe on Optical Fiber Preform Rods from Japan & USA)
MOFCOM Announcement No.5, 2015 (on Terminating Anti-Dumping on Phenol from Japan, South Korea, USA, Taiwan)
MOFCOM Announcement NO.4, 2015 (on Two-Anti Measures to Expire in 2015)
MOFCOM Announcement No.85, 2014 (on Ends AD on Hemodialysis Machines from EU & Japan)
MOFCOM Announcement No. 82, 2014 (on Ends AD on 1,4-BDO from Saudi Arabia & Taiwan Region)
MOFCOM Announcement No. 83, 2014 Ends AD on Trichloromethane from EU, South Korea, USA & India
GACC Announcement No.76, 2014 (on AD Expiry Review on Adipic Acid from USA, EU & South Korea)
GACC Announcement No.71, 2014 on Antidumping PVC from USA, South Korea, Japan, Russia & Taiwan
GACC Announcement No.62, 2014 (on AD on TBHQ from India)