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China Trade Info & Customs Experts Comments
China Latest Trade Laws & Regulations
HS Code & Tariff

HS Code Classification

• Product's HS Code applied in China

• HS code Structure

Tariffs (MFN,GEN,FTA,Consumption Tax)

CIS System

Preferential Treatment Inquiry & Landed Cost Calculation

China Customs Import Supervision Conditions

• Required documents, certificates, and licenses

• Import inspection & quarantine category

• CCC requirements (Compulsory Certific-ation catalog)

• Anti-dumping/anti-subsidy measures

• China export tax rebate

China Buyers & Suppliers

• 400,000+ sources from real transaction records

of recent 3 years

• Profiles and activity reports of their trading

• Inquiry by commodity and by country of origin/




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Export to China?

How about China import tariffs & duties?

How to optimize my tariff and landed costs?

What regulations and formalities

should I follow?

1. Commodity Classification

HS Code——the internationally standardized numbers for traded products

The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) of tariff nomenclature is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers for classifying traded products

CIS Classification help you to easily find your product's correct HS Code applicable in China

2. Import Restrictions & Formalities

Documents, certificates, and licenses required by China's import regulations on customs declaration

Commodity Declaration Catalog helps you understand Goods Information necessary for Customs Declaration

Help you evade trade risks by identifying Anti-dumping Measures to which your product is subject

3. Your Tariff & Landed Costs

Tariff & duties, and Calculate the landed costs

Help you to calculate the dynamic complicated tariff & duties, freight & charges, and also Sales Margin

A complete & illustrative report will help you to learn about your possible tariff, landed costs, sales margin and predict your trade profits