Registered Member FAQ

Website Registration and Login:


1. How to register an ETCN account?

Answer: Step 1: On the ETCN homepage, click "Join Now" at the top left corner.

Step 2: Registration

Step 3: On the homepage, you can type in your username (registered email address) and password and then click "Sign In". Link:

2. Can both domestic and external clients register as members? Are there any requirements for my operating system?

Answer: There are neither operating system requirements nor country/region restrictions on member registration with ETCN International Site.

3. Can one email-box be used to apply for and verify two member login names?

Answer: Because of the uniqueness of ETCN member usernames, one email-box can be used to register one login name only, impossible for another name registration.

4. What requirements are set for username registration with ETCN?

Answer: It is required to register ETCN usernames with real and valid email boxes.

5. (Security codes not required for International Site) Upon member registration, what to do if being prompted

that an email-box has been registered?

Answer: If the system prompts an email-box has been registered, it is indicated that the email-box has become a member; and you can login with that address. If unable to login because of incorrect passwords or forgetting passwords, you can click "Forgot your password" under the "Sign In" box or timely contact ETCN Client Service to look it up for you.

6. How to type in multiple phone and extension numbers?

Answer: Upon your registration, you can type in your active phone number; ETCN provides an input-box for extension number (Telephone Number - Ext), which is marked with "-" (e.g. 88999988-123).

7. What to do if security codes are not shown upon registration?

Answer: You can try to refresh the current page. If not shown yet, please try to use "CTRL+F5" to force the refreshing.

8. Why does a prompt arise that the email address is incorrectly typed upon registration?

Answer: Please make sure you have typed in a "@" for your email address, no space left in the address, the suffix (com/cn/cc, etc.) is complete, your input method is in pure English state, and you've made correct half/full-width switch.


1. Can one account be used to login simultaneously on two computers?

Answer: An ETCN member account is not supported to login simultaneously on two computers.

2. How to change my email box?

Answer: Once successfully registered, ETCN login email-boxes can not be changed. We recommend you to register a new account with ETCN.

Account Security

1. How to cancel an ETCN account?

Answer: Registered ETCN user accounts can not be canceled after their registration.

2. What to do if a password is forgotten?

Answer: Step 1: Click "Join Now" at the top left corner of the ETCN homepage.