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HS Classification

HS Classification Search

World’s biggest platform for classification of goods traded with China.
  • Coverage of all latest HS Codes of China Customs
  • All data are of China Customs historical practices in clearance
  • All-round coverage of goods of over 950,000 kinds
  • Independently-developed search engine algorithm of intelligent classification
  • Easy classification by one-key-press search


HS Schedule

China Customs’ electronic import & export tariff schedule, embedded with HS Code hierarchy.
  • China Customs’ latest import & export tariffs of 2012
  • Clear and complete tree structure, revealing the hierarchical relationship in HS Codes
  • Optimized commodity descriptions for practical use


Tariffs and Cost

Tariffs & Duties

Offering of all tariffs and charges required by China Customs.
  • China’s latest tariffs and surtaxes of 2012 (e.g. consumption tax and value-added tax)
  • Intelligent determination of applicable trade agreements and preferential tariffs (e.g. MFN tariff; conventional tariffs between China and ASEAN, Asia Pacific, Pakistan, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, or Peru; and special preferential tariffs for least-developed countries/regions)
  • Optimization of trade logistics by comparing tariff preferences of various countries/regions


Landed Cost Calculator

Automatic calculation of complicated and dynamic landed costs for international trade.
  • Automatic calculation of complicated and dynamic tariffs, consumption tax, value-added tax, and other governmental charges
  • Real-time conversion of any main currencies according to customs rules on exchange rates
  • Capture of all preferential tariffs
  • Automatic generation of trade reports, predicting trade profits


Average Import Price

Trend of average import prices at China of all HS Code-based imports.
  • Offering average prices of any HS Code-based imports
  • Evasion of import price risks by referring to historical price data
  • Logistic optimization to minimize trade cost by comparing average import prices at various countries/regions
  • Market prediction by intelligent graphic analyses so as to help capture trade opportunities


Import Restrictions

Regulations & Restrictions

HS Code-based inquiry for China Customs import controls.
  • Offering supervision/restriction measures on imports to help avoid unfavorable import trade
  • Offering import control laws/policies, and their applied scope or explanations
  • Offering information on required licenses, certificates, or documents for imports
  • Offering additional info on contents, samples, and application procedures for required import licenses, certificates or documents


Customs Declaration Norm

Standardized items of import & export declarations based on HS Codes.
  • Offering any commodity information required for customs declarations
  • Compliant with real-timely updated China Customs Catalog of Standardized Declaration Items for Imports & Exports
  • Help ensure standardized infilling of declaration items to minimize trade delay


CCC Certificate

Inquiry for any goods under China Compulsory Certification requirements.
  • Based on the administrative regulations on China compulsory certification of products and the catalog of products under compulsory certification
  • Offering info on requirements, scopes, rules, samples for CCC-covered goods



Inquiry for goods under China’s anti-dumping/anti-subsidy measures.
  • Offering info on latest anti-dumping/anti-subsidy regulations/announcements made by China’s MOFCOM or China Customs
  • Help evade trade risks from anti-dumping/anti-subsidy measures
  • Offering alerts on such requirements as place of origin, etc


Commodity Importing Trend

  • Help suppliers to monitor and judge the commodity market trend
  • Quick search by commodity or by 8-digit HS Code
  • Top Source Countries/Regions of China Import
  • China Importers Regional Coverage


China Buyer

  • Active buyers in China in near term by understanding Chinese buyers' purchasing habits and cycles
  • Detailed China buyers’ contact info help you explore exporting market in China
  • Online Chinese Buyers Activity Report help you online assess Chinese buyers' status quo in trade by understanding dynamic information


Trade Laws & Regulations

  • Authoritative trade regulation help you to grasp Chinese policy infos.
  • Real-time update may reduce the risk of business activity in trade.
  • China regulation easy searching system is more efficiency and convenient for all users.


Customs Expert Analysis

  • Coverage of all data from China local customs and comprehensive analysis by Customs expert.
  • Detailed description on commodity quantity, value and trade characteristics.
  • Special interpretation and trade report by commodities and regions
  • Deepened trade status analysis and further forecast with experts’ comments


Value-Added Service

Export Tax Rebate

Inquiry for China's latest export-refund rates.
  • New Export-refund rates updating when tax rebate changing
  • Help exporters cut down trade costs to increase profits and competitiveness
  • Help understand export-refund historical data to master refund changing trend


Global HS Conversion

Automatic correspondence and conversion between HS Codes of China and those of trading-with-China countries/regions.
  • Inquiry for latest HS Codes of various countries/regions
  • Easy conversion between HS Codes of China and those of other countries/regions
  • Enhancement of accuracy in commodity classification