Charges FAQ

1. Is a charged/paid member required to sign a written contract/agreement with ETCN?

Answer: ETCN does not require written contracts/agreements for now, instead issuing invoices for confirmation.

2. I want invoices, then how to get them?

Answer: After your complete payment, ETCN Client Service Center will contact you for invoicing confirmation.

3. What paying members are set? And what benefits can they enjoy?

Answer: ETCN has three kinds of paying members as follows:

(1)Standard Member service (US$300/year)

(2)Business Member Service(US$500/year)

(3)Professional Member service (US$1500/year)

For more details of member privilege, please click Here.

4. What payment modes are set?

Answer: The set payment modes include bank transfer, Paypal account, credit-card payment.

5. What to care about in bank transfer?

Answer: When using bank transfer, please make your payment as per the following bank information. For any questions, please contact timely ETCN Client Service Center.


Correspondent : China Merchants Bank, Hong Kong (A/C No. 20028939, SWIFT: CMBCHKHH)

Beneficiary : ETCN International INC.

Beneficiary's Bank : China Merchants Bank, H. O. Shenzhen CHIPS UID : 298375


A/C No. : (USD) 110906239832106

Bank Address : Jia 1 NO.15 NanHuNanLu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China