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Business Member

Business Members, besides using all functions of ETCN's CIS (Standard Members rights), can get multiple value-added services such as:

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Hs code classification--Product's HS Code applied in China
Tariff(MFN,GEN,FTA)Preferential treatment and Landed Costs Calculation
China Customs Import Supervision Conditions--Required Documents, certificates, and licenses
China Import Inspection & Quarantine Catalog
China CCC requirements--(Compulsory Certification Catalog)
Anti-dumping /Anti-subsidy Measures
China Trade Laws & Regulations
China Export Tax Rebate
Policy Updates with Customs Experts Comments
Import and Export Commodity statistics.-- by country/by port with Quantity & Value and Price
China Commodity Importing Trends
Detailed Profiles and activity report of 300,000+ China Buyers
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1. Import and Export Commodity Statistics

Help suppliers to monitor and judge the commodity market trend
Quick search by commodity or by 8-digit HS Code
Top Source Countries/Regions of China Import
China Importers Regional Coverage

2. Detailed Profiles and activity report of 300,000+ China Buyers

Find Verified Buyers

Based on China Customs statistics of import, help you find real active buyers in China in near term by understanding Chinese buyers' purchasing habits and cycles.

Online Chinese Buyers Activity Report

Help you online assess Chinese buyers' status quo in trade by understanding dynamic information such as their ratings by customs, rankings in trade, total import value in different industry in every month, trade frequencies, purchase trends, and their global distribution of suppliers.