Shenzhen Import Pork Up


According to Shenzhen Customs statistics, in the first quarter of this year, Shenzhen import of pork reached 57,000 tons, up 66.2% year-on-year (YOY); worth CNY 780 million, up 75.6% YOY; average import price at 13.7 yuan per kilogram, up 5.7% YOY. In March alone, import pork reached 19,000 tons, up 44.3% YOY; worth CNY250 million, a substantial increase of 51.8% YOY; import price at 13.5 yuan per kilogram, up 5.2% YOY. The import was all by ordinary trade mode. Therein, 80% was imported from the EU and import from Brazil sharply increased. Pork 17,000 tons were from Germany, up 53.8% YOY; 12,000 tons from Spain, double YOY; 8,765 tons from Denmark, up 75.1% YOY. Over the same period, pork from Brazil reached 3,482 tons, up 6.2 times YOY; pork from Canada 2,732 tons, up 19.1% YOY.
Source: China Customs
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