Ningbo Import Consumer Goods Hit Record High in May 2017


According to Ningbo Customs statistics, from January to May, Ningbo import of consumer goods totaled CNY 5.06 billion, up 51.7% year-on-year (YOY), with 1.32 billion yuan in May alone, up 81% YOY. The main sources were EU, USA and ASEAN.

In May, the import from EU reached 370 million yuan, up 56%; import from USA reached 210 million yuan, up 91.7%; import from ASEAN 190 million yuan, up 1.2 times; import from the three sources accounted for 58.3% of the total; besides, consumer goods from Australia totaled 120 million yuan, up 2.5 times YOY; consumer goods from South Korea totaled 88.53 million yuan, up 12% YOY.
Source: China Customs
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