Shandong Export Aquatic/Marine Products, QTY Down & Price Up in May 2017


According to Qingdao Customs statistics, this May, Shandong Province export of aquatic/marine products reached 96,000 tons, down 8.4% YOY; valued 2.85 billion China yuan, down 0.3% YOY; average export price at 30,000 yuan per ton, up 8.8% YOY.

Main export markets: Shandong exported 35,000 tons to Japan, up 13.2% YOY; 21,000 tons to EU, down 29.9% YOY; and 12,000 tons to South Korea, down 25.5% YOY. The three markets together accounted for 71.1% of the total.

Main export commodities: 50,000 tons of frozen fishes and fish fillets were exported from the Province, down 13.8% YOY, accounting for 52.1% of the total, including 11,000 tons frozen cod, and 9,000 tons frozen squids and cuttlefish.
Source: China Customs