Xiamen-USA Trade Value Up in Jan-May 2017


According to China Customs statistics, from January to May this year, Xiamen Customs District’s export and import regarding the USA totaled CNY 55.83 billion, up 15.8% YOY, including export value 42.77 billion yuan -- up 11.7%; import value 13.06 billion yuan, up 31.6%; trade surplus 29.71 billion yuan, up 4.8%.

Main import goods: electro-mechanical products from USA totaled 7.92 billion yuan, up 43.1%, accounting for 60.6% of the total import, including aircrafts totaling 3.26 billion yuan, up 3.4 times; agricultural products from USA totaled 2.13 billion yuan, up 16.2%; primary plastics from USA totaled 440 million yuan, up 1.2 times; pulps from USA totaled 430 million yuan, up 50.4%.
Source: China Customs
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