Chongqing’s Foreign Trade Up 5.9% YOY in Jan-Aug 2017


According to Chongqing Customs statistics:

In January-August 2017, Chongqing Municipality’s foreign trade value totaled RMB 280.25 billion yuan, up 5.9% year-on-year (YOY): therein, export value 178.87 billion yuan, down 0.8%; import value 101.38 billion yuan, up 20%.

For August alone, Chongqing exports and imports totaled 39.75 billion yuan, up 11.7% YOY, higher than national growth by 1.6 percentage points: therein, export value 23.74 billion yuan, up 16.2%; import value 16 billion yuan, up 5.7%.

During the first 8 months, Chongqing trade with the USA, the EU and the ASEAN respectively reached 53.29 billion yuan, 51.47 billion yuan and 46.82 billion yuan, up 16.7%, 15.1% and 2.4% YOY, the three together accounting for 54.1% of its total foreign trade.

During the first 8 months, exports of high-tech products totaled 116.3 billion yuan, up 13.3%, accounting for 65% of total export: therein, laptop computers totaled 30.704 million sets, up 10%, and integrated circuits 880 million pieces, up 14.7%. Over the same period, imports of high-tech products totaled 49.62 billion yuan, down 0.7%: therein, integrated circuits worth 23.09 billion yuan, down 17.3%, and storage components worth 11.79 billion yuan, up 82.2%.

Source: China Customs
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