Tianjin Imported Beef & Mutton 14.1% More in Jan-Aug 2017


According to Tianjin Customs statistics, from January to August this year, Tianjin Municipality imported beef and mutton totaling 220,000 tons, an increase of 14.1% year-on-year (YOY); worth RMB 5.59 billion yuan, up 21.7% YOY; average import price at 25,000 yuan per ton, up 6.7% YOY.

For August alone, the beef and mutton imports reached 31,000 tons, an increase of 18.2% YOY and 8.5% from July; average import price at 25.3 yuan per kilogram, up 4.6% YOY and down 1% from July.

To the Tianjin port, ordinary trade mode brought in 216,000 tons, up 17.6% YOY, accounting for 98.2% of the total import; Tianjin-based private enterprises imported 174,000 tons, up 28.1% YOY, accounting for 79.1% of the total.

The imports from Uruguay reached 65,000 tons, up 25.7% YOY; the imports from Brazil reached 60,000 tons, up 12% YOY; the both accounted for 56.8% of the total.

Therein, frozen boneless beef reached 145,000 tons, up 12.7% YOY, accounting for 65.9% of the total.

Source: China Customs
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