Shenzhen UAV Export Highflying in August 2017


According to Shenzhen Customs statistics, for January-August 2017, Shenzhen District exported unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) totally worth RMB 6.86 billion yuan, up 1.1 times YOY (year-on-year); in August alone, the export reached 1.18 billion yuan, up 1.8 times YOY and up 19.9% from July.

Trade Modes: In August, the UAV export reached 940 million yuan by ordinary trade, up 3 times YOY, accounting for 79% of the total; reached 220 million yuan under Customs special control, up 38.2% YOY, accounting for 18.4%; reached 30.47 million yuan by processing trade, down 15% YOY.

Export Markets: In August, the UAV export to the USA reached 520 million yuan, up 2.1 times YOY; export to Hong Kong reached 430 million yuan, up 1.8 times YOY; export to the EU reached 130 million yuan, up 95.4% YOY; the three markets accounted for 90.9% of the total. Over the same period, the exports from Shenzhen surged 2.8 times and 97.9 times YOY respectively to Australia and Mexico.
Source: China Customs
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