Shanghai Imported Dairy Products, QTY & Price Up, in Jan-Nov 2017


According to Shanghai Customs statistics, from January to November 2017, Shanghai Customs District imported 825,000 tons of dairy products, up 16.3% year-on-year (YOY), totaling 17.58 billion yuan in value, up 41.4% YOY; average import price 21,000 yuan/ton, up 21.6%. The largest source of import was New Zealand, and import from EU decreased. In the first 11 months, Shanghai imported 359,000 tons from New Zealand, up 32.3%, accounting for 43.5% of the total import. At the same time, it imported 302,000 tons from EU, down 1.7%, accounting for 36.6%; imported 84,000 tons from the United States, up 22.2%; imported 65,000 tons from Australia, up 47.4% in a big margin.
Source: China Customs