Fujian’s Trade with South Korea Up Slightly in Jan-Nov 2017


According to the Customs, in January to November 2017, Fujian-South Korea import and export totaling 39.69 billion Yuan, up 3.3% year-on-year (YOY); and export reached 19.16 billion Yuan, down 5.8% YOY; import reached 20.53 billion Yuan, up 13.6%. The main import and export was electro-mechanical product. In January to November, Fujian exported electro-mechanical products to South Korea totaling 6.18 billion Yuan, up 4.6%, accounting for 32.3% of the total export. In addition, export of granite materials and its products reached 3.83 billion Yuan, down 6% YOY; export of textile garment, shoes, furniture, bags, plastic products and toy reached 3.08 billion Yuan, down 25.3%. At the same time Fujian imported 12.54 billion Yuan electro-mechanical products from South Korea, up 2.5% YOY, accounting for 61.1% of the total import value; imported liquid crystal displays (LCD) 4.84 billion Yuan, down 27.6%.
Source: China Customs