Shanghai-Japan Trade Value Up 8.6% YOY in 2017


According to Shanghai Customs statistics, in 2017, Shanghai export-import trade with Japan totaled 603.85 billion yuan, up 8.6% over the previous year (YOY). Therein, export to Japan reached 293.12 billion yuan, up 2.1%; import from Japan reached 310.73 billion yuan, up 15.4%; trade surplus of 17.8 billion yuan in 2016 changed to trade deficit of 17.61 billion yuan in 2017; Japan was Shanghai’s fourth largest trading partner, fourth largest export market and third largest source of imports.

Export to Japan: electrical-mechanical products were worth 146.75 billion yuan, up 0.8%, accounting for 50.1%; labor-intensive products worth 96.49 billion yuan, up 1.4%, accounting for 32.9%.

Import from Japan: integrated circuits were worth 34.12 billion yuan, up 0.6%, as the most imported; automobiles and auto parts were worth 9.86 billion yuan and 7.54 billion yuan respectively, down 2.6% and 11.1% respectively.
Source: ETCN