Tianjin Import of Grain: Less YOY in Jan 2019


According to China Customs statistics, in January 2019, Tianjin imported grain (incl cereals and grain flour, potatoes, sorghum and soybeans) 372,000 tons, a decrease of 37.2% year-over-year, valued at 1.12 billion yuan, down 29% YOY.
Mostly imported by ordinary trade mode;
Brazil, Canada and Argentina were the top three sources;
In January, Tianjin imported 195,000 tons from Brazil, up 3.2 times, accounting for 52.5%; 88,000 tons from Canada, up 10.5 times, accounting for 23.8%; 69,000 tons from Argentina, accounting for 18.5%; the three together accounted for 94.8%.
Mostly imported by foreign-invested enterprises and private enterprises;
Under China-USA trade war, the import sources need to be increased;

Domestic grain supply is growing, and the import demand is reducing. 

Source: ETCN