Tianjin’s Consumption Goods Import Up in January-October 2017


According to Tianjin Customs statistics, from January to October 2017, Tianjin imported consumption goods totaling 130.5 billion Yuan, up 22.6% year-on-year (YOY).

Characteristics of Tianjin import of consumption goods from January to October:

(1) October’s import value increased YOY, down MOM. In October, Tianjin imported consumption goods worth 13.51 billion Yuan, up 18% YOY, down 2.6% MOM.

Chart: Tianjin’s Consumption Goods Import Trend Monthly Since 2016
(2) The import mainly by ordinary trade and Customs special control. From January to October, Tianjin imported 99.35 billion Yuan consumption goods by ordinary trade, up 4.1%; imported 30.34 billion Yuan under Customs special control, double YOY; import value of the two modes accounted for 99.4% of Tianjin’s total.

(3) The import mainly by foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises. From January to October, Tianjin’s foreign-funded enterprises imported consumption goods worth 71.29 billion Yuan, up 23.1% YOY; Tianjin’s private enterprises imported consumption goods worth 37.77 billion Yuan, up 29.2%. Import value of the two contributed to 83.6% of the total.

(4) European Union, the United States and Japan were the main sources of the import. From January to October 2017, Tianjin imported from European Union consumption goods worth 53.47 billion Yuan, up 14.1%; imported from the United States worth 31.72 billion Yuan, up 21.9%; imported from Japan worth 21.83 billion Yuan, up 52.3%. Import value from the three accounted for 82% of the total.
Source: China Customs