Industrial Robots Imported to Shanghai, QTY Up & Price Down in 2017


According to Shanghai Customs statistics, in 2017, Shanghai Customs District imported 76,000 sets of industrial robots, an increase of 84.5% year-over-year (YOY); worth 5.67 billion yuan, up 59.3% YOY; average import price at 75,000 yuan per set, down 9% YOY.

In December 2017, Shanghai imported 4,806 industrial robots, down 8.2% from the previous month and down 8.2% YOY; average import price at 111,000 yuan per set, up 29% MOM and up 41.3% YOY.

Mostly imported by ordinary trade mode, increased by Customs special control;

Import by foreign-invested enterprises accounted for more than 90%;

Japan was the largest source of import: In 2017, Shanghai imported 64,000 sets of industrial robots from Japan, up 86% YOY, accounting for 85.1% of the total; imported 7121 sets from the EU, up 87% YOY, accounting for 9.4%; imported 4,445 sets from Germany, up 98% YOY; imported 980 sets from Sweden, up 22.3%. In addition, 2163 sets were imported from Taiwan region, up 86.3%.

Multi-purpose industrial robots were the largest import volume. In 2017, Shanghai imported 51,000 sets of multi-purpose industrial robots, up 80.5% YOY, accounting for 67% of the total; imported 23,000 sets of transfer robots, up 93.8%, accounting for 30.5%; imported 454 sets of spraying robots, up 0.2%.

Source: ETCN