Cosmetics Import Increased to Shanghai, China in January 2018


According to Shanghai Customs statistics, in January 2018, Shanghai imported cosmetics worth RMB 1.74 billion yuan, an increase of 61.1% year-on-year (YOY) and a slip of 0.4% from last December.

The Import Characteristics in January:

Trade Modes -- There were 1.32 billion yuan worth of cosmetics imported under Customs special control, the value up 52.5% YOY, accounting for 76% of the total; 390 million yuan worth imported by ordinary trade, up 1.1 times YOY, accounting for 22.4%; 20 million yuan worth imported by processing trade, up 3.1%, accounting for 1.2%.

Importer Types -- Foreign-invested enterprises imported cosmetics worth 830 million yuan, up 54.7%, accounting for 47.5% of the total; private enterprises imported 600 million yuan worth, up 67%, accounting for 34.7%; state-owned enterprises imported 310 million yuan worth, up 68.1%, accounting for 17.8%.

Import Sources -- Cosmetics import from the European Union were worth 840 million yuan, up 42.2%, accounting for 48.3% of the total; import from France worth 610 million yuan, up 24.6%; import from South Korea worth 340 million yuan, up 88.2%, accounting for 19.8%; import from Japan worth 320 million yuan, up 1.4 times, accounting for 18.6%; import from United States worth 140 million yuan, up 35.7%, accounting for 8%.

Product Type -- imported skincare products were worth 1.45 billion yuan, up 66%, accounting for 83.7% of the total; lipsticks worth 200 million yuan, up 36.4%; eye-use cosmetics worth 50 million yuan, up 56.5%; cosmetic powder worth 40 million yuan, up 46%.

Source: ETCN