Guangdong Province Toy Export Up Fast in April 2017


According to China Customs statistics, from January to April 2017, Guangdong Province export of toys totaled CNY 20.75 billion, up 20.4% year-on-year (YOY). In April alone, its toy export reached 6.24 billion yuan, up 28.9% YOY.

Characteristics of the toy export in Jan-Apr:

(1) A momentum of growth continued. Since this year, Guangdong Province has good performance of toy export, except a slight negative growth in February. April’s export reached 6.24 billion yuan, up 28.9% YOY and up 16.1% from March. (see the chart below)

(2) Mainly exported by ordinary trade and processing trade modes, negative growth in processing trade export. In January-April, the toy export by ordinary trade reached 8.86 billion yuan, up 16.2% YOY, accounting for 42.7% of the total export; the export by processing trade reached 6.63 billion yuan, down 4.3%, accounting for 31.9%; the export under Customs special control reached 2.58 billion yuan, up 4.5%, accounting for 12.4%.

(3) Mainly exported by foreign-invested enterprises and private enterprises, fast growth in private enterprises’ value. From January to April, Guangdong’s private enterprises exported 11.16 billion yuan worth of toys, up 46.5% YOY, accounting for 53.8% of the total export; foreign-invested enterprises exported 8.29 billion yuan worth, up 2.49%, accounting for 40%; and state-owned enterprises exported 1.3 billion yuan worth, down 15.1%.

(4) Mainly exported to Hong Kong SAR, USA and EU, with fast growth in the EU value. From January to April, the export to USA reached 5.64 billion yuan, up 22.6% YOY; export to EU reached 4.08 billion yuan, up 45%; export to Hong Kong reached 2.48 billion yuan, down 16.6%.
Source: ETCN
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