Fujian Province Imported Industrial Robots More in Jan-May 2017


According to China Customs statistics, from January to May this year, Fujian Province imported 49 industrial robots, an increase of 75% over the same period last year (YOY); worth CNY 42.69 million, up 2.4 times YOY; average import price at 871,000 yuan each, up 96% YOY.

Characteristics of the Robot Import in Jan-May:

(1) Import quantity fluctuated, with average price down.

Monthly import quantity hovered in single digits in the first three months, and surged to 25 units in April, but fell to 6 units in May, down 50% YOY and down 76% from April. Regarding average import price, in March, each robot was worth 6,509,000 yuan, followed by two consecutive months of decline. In May, the average price was 417,000 yuan per unit, up 1.9 times YOY and down 17.3% from April.

(2) Ordinary trade mode made up nearly 90% of the import.

From January to May, ordinary trade imported 43 robots, up 79.2% YOY, accounting for 87.8% of the total import. In the same period, foreign investment mode imported 5 robots, instead of none last year.

(3) EU, Japan and Taiwan were the main source of import.

In the five months, Fujian imported 18 robots from the EU, up 5.9%; imported 16 from Japan, up 1.7 times; imported 11 from Taiwan, up 1.2 times; the three together accounted for 91.8% of the total import.
Source: ETCN
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