Zhejiang Toys Export Up Fast in Jan-Aug 2017


Zhejiang Province, one of major origins of toy products on the world, has been rising substantially in toy export since this year. According to Hangzhou Customs statistics, for January-August 2017, Zhejiang-exported toys were totally worth RMB 15.10 billion yuan, up 59.1% year-on-year (YOY), accounting for 1.2% of the Provincial total export and for 14.7% of China’s total toy export, making Zhejiang the second largest exporter of toys in the country.

Export Characteristics:

1. Monthly growth kept positive for 18 consecutive months.
Since March 2016, toy exports from Zhejiang Province have maintained positive growth for 18 consecutive months and hit single-month peak of 2.5 billion yuan worth in September 2016. This August, the export value reached 2.5 billion yuan, the second-highest in record, up 37.6% YOY and up 19.0% month-on-month. (See chart below)

2. The EU and the United States were two major export markets, ASEAN and Russia showing fast growth.

From January to August, the exports to EU and USA respectively reached 4.07 billion yuan and 3.51 billion yuan, up 79.6% and 28.2% respectively, the both accounting for 50.2% of the total export. In addition, exports to ASEAN and Russia reached 660 million yuan and 520 million yuan respectively, an increase of 1.2 times respectively.

3. Jinhua and Ningbo were two major export cities in Zhejiang Province.
From January to August, Jinhua City exported 7.2 billion yuan worth of toys, an increase of 90.3%; Ningbo City exported 3.86 billion yuan worth of toys, an increase of 32.0%; the two together accounted for 73.3% of the total export.
Source: China Customs
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