Guangdong Imported Cereals, QTY Up & Price Down, in Jan-Sept 2017


According to Guangdong Customs statistics, in the first three quarters of 2017, Guangdong Province imported 9,294,000 tons of cereal foods (including cereal flour, beans, starchy tubers and potatoes), up 3.8% YOY; worth 20.22 billion yuan, up 2.8% YOY; average import price at 2175.7 yuan per ton, down 0.9% YOY.

Import Characteristics:

(1) The import volume of September increased 1.4 times month-on-month. In September, the import was 1,199,000 tons, up 2.9% YOY and up 43.2% MOM; worth 2.52 billion yuan, up 5.8% YOY and up 40.6% MOM; average price at 2098.4 yuan per ton, up 2.8% YOY and down 1.9% MOM.

(2) Dominated by ordinary trade mode. In the first three quarters, Guangdong imported cereals 9.017 million tons by ordinary trade, up 3.3% YOY, accounting for 97% of the total; imported 185,000 tons by processing trade, up 8%, accounting for 2%.

(3) Mainly from United States, Brazil, Australia and ASEAN. In the first three quarters, Guangdong imported the foodstuff 2.724 million tons from the United States, down 6.6% YOY, accounting for 29.3% of the total; 2.368 million tons from Brazil, up 3.1%, accounting for 25.5%; 1.766 million tons from Australia, up 94.5% YOY, accounting for 19%; 1.474 million tons from ASEAN, up 20.7%, accounting for 15.9%.

(4) More than 80% imported by private enterprises. In the first three quarters, private-owned enterprises in Guangdong imported 7.56 million tons, up 18.5%, accounting for 81.8% of the total; foreign-invested enterprises imported 1.296 million tons, down 38.8%, accounting for 13.9%; state-owned enterprises imported 398,000 tons, down 7.3%, accounting for 4.3%.

(5) Mainly soybeans, barley, rice and edible sorghum. In the first three quarters, Guangdong imported 3.36 million tons of soybeans, down 12.8%, accounting for 36.1%; 1.667 million tons of barley, down 58.5%, accounting for 17.9%; 1.512 million tons of rice, up 2.9%, accounting for 16.3%; 1.426 million tons of edible sorghum, down 17.8%, accounting for 15.3%.
Source: China Customs
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