Hubei Province Export-Import Value Up 17.2% YOY in Jan 2018


According to Wuhan Customs statistics, in January 2018, Hupei Province export-import value totaled RMB 26.5 billion yuan, up 17.2% year-on-year (YOY); therein, export value 16.94 billion yuan, up 20.3% YOY; import value 9.56 billion yuan, up 12.1% YOY.

In January, the EU was the largest trading partner of Hubei Province with a total export-import value of 4.15 billion yuan, up 39.1% YOY, in which export value 2.87 billion yuan, up 46.1% and import value 1.28 billion yuan, up 25.5%.
In the same period, Hubei trade with ASEAN reached 2.95 billion yuan, up 6.1%; Hubei trade with the USA reached 2.72 billion yuan, up 10.3%; trade with Hong Kong SAR dropped by 12.5% to 2.3 billion yuan; the total of the 4 values accounted for 45.7% of gross Hubei-foreign trade.
In addition, Hubei trade with Japan was valued 1.77 billion yuan, down 12.5%; trade with Taiwan region 1.24 billion yuan, up 6.6%; trade with South Korea 1.23 billion yuan, down 23.2%; trade with Brazil 1.12 billion yuan, up 67.1%.

In January, Hubei's export-import value with the "Belt and Road" countries totaled 7.68 billion yuan, up 28.5%, higher than the overall growth rate by 11.3%; therein, export value 6.16 billion yuan, up 31%; import value 1.52 billion yuan, up 19%.

In January, Wuhan City’s export-import value reached 16.41 billion yuan, an increase of 9.7% YOY, accounting for 61.9% of the Province's total. Therein, export value 9.93 billion yuan, up 13.7%; import value 6.48 billion yuan, up 4%. Xiangyang City and Shiyan City increased 1.5 times and 1.8 times YOY in foreign trade, leading the Province.

The Exports: electromechanical products increased fast and traditional labor-intensive products, like textiles and garments, also increased substantially;

The Imports: electromechanical products dropped and consumer goods increased fast.
Source: ETCN