Inner Mongolia Region’s Import-Export Value Up 8.6% YOY in January 2018


According to China Customs statistics, in January 2018, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s import and export totaled RMB 8.087 billion yuan, up 8.6% year-on-year (YOY): therein, import value 5.281 billion yuan, up 8.4%; export value 2.806 billion yuan, up 9.1%.

Top three imports: coal worth 781 million yuan, sawn timber worth 655 million yuan, and iron ore worth 629 million yuan, which were respectively down 29.6%, down 3.3%, and up 1.97 times YOY; the three amounted to 2.065 billion yuan, accounting for 39.1% of the total import.

Top three exports: oxygen-containing amino compounds worth 356 million yuan, up 9.1%; communication equipment worth 301 million yuan, up 44.95 times; sunflower seeds worth 251 million yuan, up 40%; the three amounted to 908 million yuan, accounting for 32.4% of the total export.

Particularly, this January, Hohhot Customs District’s import-export value totaled 4.129 billion yuan, up 9.6% YOY; therein, import value 3.524 billion yuan, up 12.1%; export value 605 million yuan, down 2.9%.

Major imports to Hohhot: copper ore worth 910 million yuan, up 6.9%; coal worth 790 million yuan, down 35.3%; iron ore worth 583 million yuan, up 1.78 times; the three accounting for 64.8% of the total import.

Major exports from Hohhot: electro-machinery products worth 287 million yuan, up 8.1%; agricultural products worth 69 million yuan, up 1.39 times; electric power worth 58 million yuan, down 10.1%; the three accounting for 68.4% of the total export.
Source: ETCN