Ningxia Region’s Export-Import Value 6.02 Billion Yuan in First-Quarter 2018, Down 18.7% YOY


According to Yinchuan Customs statistics, in the first quarter 2018, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region’s foreign-trade value totaled RMB 6.02 billion yuan, down 18.7% year-on-year (YOY). Therein, export value 3.96 billion yuan, down 26.2% YOY; and import value 2.06 billion yuan, up 1.2% YOY. In terms of US dollars, the foreign trade value was USD 930 million, down 13.2% YOY; export value USD610 million, down 21.2% YOY, and import value USD320 million, up 7.7% YOY.

In March alone, the total trade value was 2.57 billion yuan, up 17.6% YOY and up 126.5% from February; therein, export value 1.61 billion yuan, up 31.8% YOY, and import value 960 million yuan, down 0.44% YOY.

Trade Characteristics:

1. Imports of crude oil and blended rubber dropped significantly;
2. Exports of electro-mechanical products and pharmaceuticals decreased much, and exports of gold, unwrought manganese, tires, and blended yarns increased significantly.
3. General trade accounted for over 80%, and processing trade doubled.
4. The trade with EU, USA and ASEAN reduced much respectively, and trade with Libya got a sharp increase.
Source: ETCN