GACC Announcement No.19, 2017 on Omitting Paper “Certificate of Tax Collection & Exemption”


The GACC has decided that importers/exporters or brokers, who have finished tax relief application formalities on China E-Port QP client-side, need not submit “Customs Certificate of Tax Collection & Exemption for Import/Export Goods” (i.e. the 2nd page) on paper during the process of import clearance. Relevant matters are hereby announced:

As from 26 April 2017, importers/exporters or brokers may omit to submit the paper “Certificate of Tax Collection & Exemption” or scanned copy thereof; if the Certificate e-data is not consistent with declaration data, the Certificate on paper shall be provided as per Customs requirements.

At the time of import declaration, importers/exporters or brokers shall provide the Certificate number in the “Registration Number” column of Customs Declaration Form. The Certificate number can be searched on China E-Port QP client-side. During the Certificate valid period, the tax relief applicant may request local Customs House to issue them the Certificate copy (i.e. the 3rd page) on paper.
Source: ETCN