Owners of Petrochemical Industry Appeal to Authorities to Negotiate Zero Tariff

[2009-03-09 10:04:22]

Taiwan Plastic and Rubber Industry Trading Association appeals to authorities to push forward zero tariff preferential policy on petrochemical, rubber, textile fiber industries etc discussed during the third conference held between Taiwan and Mainland authorities in the first half year for the purpose of helping Taiwan petrochemical industries get out of trouble.

According to Taiwan Media, 2009 is a crucial moment at stake for the key foreign export industries such as petrochemical, rubber, textile fibers, machinery industries etc.

I n accordance with “China and ASEAN 10+1” and “10+3 summit(ASEAN plus China, Japan and the Republic of Korea)”, products of above industries will apply to zero tariff policy next year whereas be imposed to a high export tariff rate of 6.5% to 14.5% when exporting to China, thus the regulation will result in  losing  competitive edge completely.

According to statistics, the extensive petrochemical industry in Taiwan contains plasticization industry , plastic and rubber industry, lower industry of petrochemical, textile fiber industry and rubber industry etc which produce annual revenue of 4 billion NTD and account for 30% of the total output of manufacturing industries. Therefore authorities should assign a agreement of “tariff reduction and deduction on key products of two sides ” to save Taiwan petrochemical industry.