Customs Interpretation on Implementation Plan of Tariff in 2009

[2009-03-24 17:20:36]

Approved by State Council, the Implementation Plan of Tariff in 2009 was taken into effect on January 1 2009. The tariff items of the revised Customs Import and Export Tariff of 2009 increases from 7758 of 2008 to 7869.
The content of its adjustment contains Most Favored Nation Tariff Rate (MFN), Annual Interim Tariff Rate, Conventional Tariff Rate, and the Special Preferential Tariff Rate etc.

The adjustment on tariff as a means of adjusting the economic development of important leverage aims to promote the stable development of foreign trade, improve imports and exports mix, and support rural economic and high technology development, accelerate the change of model of economic development and industrial structure readjustment. What's more, policy adjustment is carried out to cope with stress in aspects of textile, steel, fertilizer industries operation and management difficulties.

Adjustment on Import Tariff

1. Adjustment on Most Favored Nations Tariff Rate

Reduce the following five commodities' import tariff rate:

Strawberries with tariff code of 0810.1000
Other fruits and nuts, provisionally preserved with tariff code of 0812.90000
Shaoxing wine with tariff code of 2206.0010
Other fermented beverages with tariff number of 2206.0090
Unbleached or bleached Poplin and fine plain cloth with tariff code of 5512.1100

2.Adjustment on Import Interim Tariff Rate

Customs implement import interim tariff rate on 673 commodities in 2009 for the purpose of supporting agriculture and rural economic development, encouraging enterprises self-innovation and industrial structure upgrading , promoting resources, ecological and environmental conservation and relieve management problems of some industries.