Such Industries as Textile, Steel Products and Chemical Fertilizer Would Revive

[2009-02-24 13:13:58]

Since 1st January, 2009, China will continue carrying out the adjustment on import and export tariff. The relevant principal of the Ministry of Finance pointed out that this adjustment will help some industries relieve operational difficulty, such as textile, steel products and chemical fertilizer. In 2009, the lower provisional tax rate will be adopted, so as to properly reduce the import tariff on some productive raw materials that have larger domestic demands; also, the export tariff on some steel products will be cancelled since 1st December, 2008. The seasonal export duty on chemical fertilizers including carbamide, etc will be adjusted; in the meanwhile, the special export tariff rate on some fertilizer and its raw materials will be also decreased.

In addition, on 24th November, 2008, the Import Licensing Branch (ILB) of the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (DBERR) of the U.K. issued Notice to Importers 2767, which said that since 1st January, 2009, the textile from Mainland China are separate from any import licensing requirements, no matter when the related products are delivered therefrom. The import licenses available for the delivered textile will no longer require showing at the customs clearance.

Source: ETCN