Seven Ministries Issue Measures on Replacement of Household Appliances

[2010-06-25 15:59:39]

It was learned from the Ministry of Commerce on June 24 that seven ministries jointly issued Implementing Measures on Replacement of Household Appliances (Revised Version), which provides that during the implementation period of this policy, each person could buy five subsidy household appliances in maximum.

In the revised version of the Implementing Measures, the implementation period of the policy is tentatively scheduled from June 1, 2010 to December 31, 2011. During this period, the individual customer could purchase five units at most, and for enterprise buyers, the total amount could not exceed 50 units. The purchased varieties of new appliances will not be defined by that of the old ones.

The revised measures also stressed that companies or individual shall not transfer or sell the appliances purchased with subsidies.

Source: Xinhua