China Won't Change Rare Earth Policy Next Year

[2010-11-17 15:22:35]

China's commerce ministry has defended its regulations on exports of the rare earth, saying it will not change its policies next year. The ministry spokesman made the remarks at a MOFCOM press conference today (November 16,2010). He's also calling on developed countries to share processing technology related to rare earth.

China has been sued by the European Union and some other countries because of it's restrictions on exports of rare earth.

But spokesman from the Ministry of Commerce, Yao Jian, reiterates that China will hold on to its current export policies. He says the nation will not use its rare earth resources to manipulate other countries.

Yao Jian is also calling on developed nations to transfer relevant technology regarding rare earth processing.

Yao Jian, Spokesman of China Ministry of Commerce said "It's understandable that developed nations want to protect their intellectual property rights. But the move should stand in line with the larger international target of environmental protection. Developed countries should consider sharing their knowledge on rare earth."

The spokesman also said China is planning to help boost international cooperation on rare earth by creating a platform for manufacturers and distributors worldwide to exchange ideas and knowledge. He also said China hopes to accomplish sustainable use of global rare earth
Source: CNTV
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