GACC Announcement 77, 2011 on Processing-Trade Unit-Consumption Declaration

[2011-12-23 16:22:33]

Announcement No. 77, 2011 of the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC)

In China Customs Processing-Trade Supervision Information System of 1.0.96 version, optimization has been made to the Unit-Consumption Management module under the Electronic Manual therein.

In order to standardize the declaration of processing-trade enterprises for their unit consumption, relevant matters are hereby announced below:

1. At the pre-entry end of the information system, regarding the interface for declaration of unit-consumption tables, its display has been changed from "Unit Consumption, Wastage Ratio%" and "Net Consumption, Wastage Ratio%" uniformly to "Unit/Net Consumption, Wastage Ratio%".

Upon the declaration of unit consumption, if an enterprise declares its net consumption in the "Unit/Net Consumption" column, the enterprise shall declare the corresponding wastage ratio, whose column shall NOT be left blank; however, if it declares its unit consumption in the "Unit/Net Consumption" column, its wastage ratio data shall NOT be declared again, whose column shall be left blank.

2. The "Non-Bonded Materials/Parts Ratio%" field in the original Materials/Parts table is migrated into the Unit Consumption table of the Electronic Manual aforesaid.

Where bonded and non-bonded materials/parts, being of the same kind, are both consumed in the finished products by processing trade, the enterprises shall item-by-item declare the "Non-Bonded Materials/Parts Ratio%" in the Unit Consumption table upon their unit-consumption declaration.

3. Regarding the Electronic Manuals under implementation, in which the "Non-Bonded Materials/Parts Ratio%" has been declared before the system optimization aforesaid, the enterprises shall re-declare the "Non-Bonded Materials/Parts Ratio%" to the customs within the period of validity of the manuals; therein, if their unit-consumption declaration time is "On Filing" and/or "Prior to Export", the enterprises may request the alteration of the declaration time to "Prior to Customs Approval" and then declare anew the "Non-Bonded Materials/Parts Ratio%".

This Announcement shall come into force upon its issuance.

December 21, 2011
Source: ETCN
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