AQSIQ's Import-Grain Fumigant Residue Control Measures

[2013-07-24 10:35:30]

AQSIQ Announcement No. 83 of 2013

In order to prevent imported grain from the contamination by residual fumigants, the AQSIQ hereby, in accordance with Chinese laws/regulations, announces the measures on controlling fumigant residue with in-bulk grain imported by ship:

1. External inspection/quarantine authorities and quarantine operators shall conduct safety-compliant practices on applicable fumigation during shipment over the grain exported to China and instruct the carriers to standardize later operations and safety protections.

Where the fumigation is undertaken with aluminum phosphide, the tablet fumigants shall be packed into specialized secure bags in combination with waterproofing, damp-proofing and fireproofing measures.

2. Prior to the entry of the grain, the carriers shall undertake sufficient ventilation of the fumigating gas within a ship's hold, and shall, if conditions permit, undertake safety testing of the residual gas concentration; shall timely clean away the fumigants and their residue from a ship's hold; where the grain is found contaminated, they shall undertake thorough elimination of the residue and the contaminated grain as well.

Without sufficient ventilation or without elimination of the fumigant residue, the fumigated ships shall be prohibited from access to any entry port.

3. Prior to onsite inspection of the importing grain, the carriers shall actively declare in writing to the entry ports' inspection/quarantine agencies regarding the fumigation treatment over their shipment (see the Annex for the declaration form).

Without receipt of the written declaration, the inspection/quarantine agencies shall not conduct the onsite inspection.

4. Before conducting the onsite inspection, the quarantine officers shall review whether fumigant residues have been totally eliminated by, for example, testing the residual gas concentration. In the case of incompliance found thereof, the officers shall suspend their inspection and quarantine.

5. The entry-exit inspection/quarantine agencies shall well publicize the controlling measures herein and strongly supervise the controlling operations.

This Announcement shall enter into force in two months of its issue.

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection & Quarantine (AQSIQ)

July 2, 2013

Annex: Declaration for Import Grain on Fumigant Residue Treatment
Source: ETCN
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