GACC Announcement No.48, 2015 (on Paperless Revision & Cancel of Import & Export Declarations)

[2015-10-21 09:54:16]

In order to promote paperless operation in customs clearance process, the GACC has tried out paperless revision and cancel of import and export declarations across 25 Customs Districts in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Yangtze River Economic Belt and Silk Road Economic Belt. Hereby announced are relevant matters:

1. As regard the importers and exporters in compliance with China Customs Administrative Measures on Import & Export Declarations Revision and Cancel (in GACC Decree No.220), they may apply to the Customs for import/export declaration revision or cancel by use of the "Doc Revision/Cancel" function on China E-Port Pre-Entry System (hereinafter as the Pre-Entry System).

2. Applicants for the declaration revision or cancel shall, on the Pre-Entry System, enter relevant revision or cancel information and submit relevant electronic data. The Customs will feed back their transactions to the applicants through the Pre-Entry System, and the applicants also can inquire the process on the System.

3. Where the Customs considers a declaration to be revised or cancelled, they may, through the Pre-Entry System, request the importers/exporters involved to confirm whether to revise or cancel, and the importers/exporters shall timely inquire and reply with "Yes" or "No" confirmation to the Customs within 5 workdays through the System.

4. As regulated by the Administrative Measures aforesaid, the applicants shall in principle submit relevant electronic documents through the Pre-Entry System by using the document formats specified in GACC Announcement No. 69 of 2014.

5. Employment of the Pre-Entry System to undertake the declaration revision or cancel shall be deemed the same as submission by the importers/exporters of Import/Export Declaration Revision/Cancel Application or Confirmation.

6. Where the Customs needs to check paper documents, the importers/exporters shall submit the paper documents required.

7. If the importers/exporters have problems in operating the Pre-Entry System, they may contact with China E-Port by calling the hotline 010-95198 for solutions.

This Announcement shall enter into force upon its issuance.

General Administration of Customs of China (GACC)
October 12, 2015
Source: ETCN
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