GACC Announcement No.51, 2015 (on Suspending IPR Registration Fee)

[2015-11-04 09:53:18]

In accordance with Finance Ministry and NDRC Notice (CaiShui [2015] No.102), hereby announced are the matters regarding Customs suspension of Intellectual Property Right (IPR) registration fee:

1. As from 1 November 2015, with respect to application by firms for IPR protection, the GACC will suspend charging for their IPR registration.

2. Where an applicant has pre-paid IPR registration fee to the GACC and the fee has not been used for the registration before 1 November 2015, the applicant may request the GACC to return the pre-paid fee.

With respect to the request for return, the applicant shall, before 1 May 2016, send to the GACC a completed Application for Return attached with Central Government Nontax Receipt Bill (original). The format of the Application for Return is available for download at; the applicant shall provide original remitting-bank paying account number, username and opening-bank name in the Application.

Mailing Address: Finance Office, Dept of Finance, General Administration of Customs, No.6 JianGuoMenNei Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
Zip Code: 100730

3. Where an applicant has no prepayment of IPR registration fee and its application is in the status of "approved and unpaid" or "for approval", the applicant may not pay for the registration any more.

4. This Announcement shall enter into force on 1 November 2015, along with simultaneous suspension of GACC Announcement No.15 of 2004.

General Administration of Customs of China (GACC)
October 29, 2015
Source: ETCN