GACC Announcement No.61 of 2015 on China-Australia Free Trade Agreement Matters

[2015-12-24 09:51:52]

 Upon State Council approval, China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) shall enter into force as of 20 December 2015. In accordance with relevant administrative measures on country of origin as in GACC Decree No. 228, relevant matters are hereby announced:

Ⅰ About Import Goods

1. From 20 December 2015, conventional duties will be applied to inbound goods originating in Australia (see Annex 1). The commodities listed in Annex 1 are all in simplified description and in the consistent scope with those under HS Codes in China Import & Export Tariff of 2015.

2. When applying for conventional duties, the importers of Australia-originating goods shall submit all documents as required by GACC Decree No. 228.

3. China-Australia Free Trade Agreement is provided with "18" as its special code. The importers shall, as per GACC Announcement No.52 of 2008 and the following requirements, make out their Form of Declaration for Import:

(1) In the Declaration for Import, under "Accompanying Document" section, provide "Y" in "Accompanying Document Code" column; provide "<18:item number needing documents>" in "Accompanying Document Number" column. For example, if the Import Declaration has the 1st-3rd commodity items and the 5th commodity item declared for conventional duties, the "Accompanying Document Number" column shall be provided with "<18:1-3,5>". All characters provided in "Accompanying Document" section must be in non-Chinese half-width style.

(2) The quantity of the commodities with conventional duties in Import Declaration may not exceed that of corresponding commodities specified in Certificate of Origin, and measure unit of the commodities in Import Declaration shall be consistent with that of corresponding commodities specified in Certificate of Origin.

(3) All commodities listed in one Certificate of Origin shall be one consignment of goods.

Ⅱ About Export Goods

1. Exporters may apply for Certificate of Origin regarding their outbound goods from local entry-exit inspection/quarantine agencies affiliated to General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and from China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and its local branches.

2. When making their Declaration for Export, the exporters shall, as per GACC Announcement No.52 of 2008, provide "Y" in "Accompanying Document Code" column under "Accompanying Document" section and provide "<18>origin certificate or declaration number" in "Accompanying Document Number" column thereunder.

3. The export goods within one Certificate of Origin shall be declared in one form of Export Declaration.

Ⅲ About "Goods in Transit"

As regards in-transit goods exported from Australia to China prior to implementation of the FTA, if the importers submit supplemental Certificate of Origin before/on 20 June 2016, they may apply for conventional duties under the FTA.

Annex 1. China-Australia FTA Conventional Duty Rates of 2015.part(1) (omitted)

Annex 2. China-Australia FTA Conventional Duty Rates of 2015.part2 (omitted)

General Administration of Customs of China (GACC)
December 18, 2015
Source: GACC