Tariff Commission Announcement No.2, 2016 on (Inbound Articles Tax Adjustment)

[2016-04-12 10:56:12]

To the General Administration of Customs:

The State Council has approved adjusting import tax items and rates for inbound articles, as follows:

1. Current "PRC Table of Import Tax Rates on Inbound Articles" has been adjusted as the annex hereto;
2. The adjusted version shall enter into force as from 8 April 2016;
3. Old version of such adjustment notice (ShuiWeiHui [2011] No.3) shall be repealed upon implementation of this Announcement.

Annex: PRC Table of Import Tax Rates on Inbound Articles (omitted)

Customs Tariff Commission under the State Council, P. R. China
March 16, 2016
Source: ETCN